Elin Bianco Hair Care Products

Elin Bianco


• Originating from Africa, Palm Kernel Oil is 100% organic and contains high concentrations of natural keratin, proteins, minerals, and vitamin A, E and F, vital for healthy, luminous hair.

Tea Tree Oil is a cleansing oil derived from the leaves of the Tea Tree. It thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp without dehydrating. Tea Tree Oil is the gentle, natural alternative to harsh chemical formulas found in many hair products.

• Flaxseed Oil is created from the seeds of the Omega-3 rich, Flax plant. Scientists have long recognized the scalp-replenishing properties of the Flaxseed Oil which can increase hair growth and revive dry scalp.

• Native to the Himalayas and Siberia, the Sea-buckthorn (OBLIPICHA) is rare “super” fruit that contains an incredible concentration of natural vitamins and antioxidants. The magical healing properties of Sea-Buckthorn Oil moisturizes, and rejuvenates hair. It also provides protection against sun exposure with its natural UV filters keeping hair looking young and healthy.

Olive Oil is nature’s conditioner. It promotes healthy, silky, shiny hair by reducing frizz caused by split ends. It also cleanses the scalp while strengthening hair making it more manageable.

Sunflower Oil is a light, non-greasy oil that contains fatty acids essential to hair health. It also aids to prevent thinning hair.


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