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Natural Color Correction And Extension

Diana was having a hard time achieving the look she desired because her hair was thin and dry. When her hair couldn’t hold a curl anymore Diana started using more and more styling products. Without even realizing it, these products were causing more damage and eventually stripped away a lot of her natural hair color in the process. Diana’s once long dark locks had become faded, frayed and very difficult to manage.

Creating the glamorous look Diana was after required both color and added volume. Diana opted for natural color correction and extension. We added just enough hair to give her extra length and fullness without making a drastic change that was obvious. As you can see, her hair color is vibrant and her curls are full of volume.

If your hair is faded and lifeless, we invite you to schedule a private consultation to learn about Suisse’s technique. It’s never to early or late to start taking better care of your hair! Call 617.244.9414 or click here to schedule an appointment.

hair extension boston - natural color correction

Click to view Diana before color correction and extension.