Hair Loss And Your Hair Brush

So, you’ve been using the same hair brush for years, it has always been your favorite brush, but now you’re starting to notice hair loss. This may be a sign that it’s time to break up with your hair brush. Here’s some things to consider if you want to keep a healthy relationship between your hair and your hair brush…

Are you brushing your hair when it’s wet? Hair is most vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, dragging an old worn out brush through your wet hair can cause breakage and scalp irritation, especially if your hair is tangled. The more you tug on tangles, the more breakage will occur and the more likely you are to start losing hair.

Size matters, but bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to your hair brush. Actually, the smaller the barrel of your brush is, the fuller your strands will be, since it can lift up your roots better than a large hair brush. On the other hand, if you want a smoother look, then reach for a larger hair brush. If you’ve had a brush for a long time, you may need to toss it and get a new one, because old, worn bristles can rough up your hair’s cuticle.

Keep in mind, a hair brush not only helps to style your hair, it also stimulates your scalp. This is important to ensure that hair contains enough natural oils to keep it looking healthy. As a person ages, the amount of natural oil in their hair tends to decrease and can leave hair looking dull. When the hair is brushed, a natural oil called sebum is released which protects the hair by acting as a natural moisturizer. Brushing your hair daily with the proper hair brush, and avoiding excessive shampooing, you can keep your hair healthy and shiny with little effort.

How Old Is Too Old For A Hair Brush?

The life of your hairbrush depends on factors such as how often you brush your hair, your hair length and texture, and the type of hair brush you purchased. Obviously, there will be a difference in quality and life expectancy depending on who the manufacturer is, as well as where you purchase the brush. For instance, an inexpensive plastic brush purchased at the dollar store is more than likely not going to perform as well or last as long as a brush purchased from a professional hair care facility. Most hair stylists generally recommend replacing your hairbrush at least once a year. While your hair brush may still appear to be in good condition, once the bristles become worn down they can begin causing damage to your hair. Even if the brush isn’t that old, if the hair brush is in poor condition it can break or pull out your hair at the follicle. The majority of hair brushes have round tips at the end of the bristles referred to as epoxy ball tips. These tops help the brush move through your hair easier without yanking and breaking your stands. If the epoxy ball tips are damaged or broken off completely, the brush can scratch your scalp which may also cause injury and even hair loss.

Epoxy Balls And Bristles Look Good, But Is Your Hair Brush Clean Enough To Use?

No, you won’t catch a life threatening disease or suddenly get severe case of dandruff because of a dirty hairbrush, but damage to your hair is always a possibility if you have a lot of product buildup that transfers from your brush to your hair.  There could be a lot of debris in your hair brush that you don’t even notice such as dead skin cells, lost hair, oil, old product residue, and dust. And where there’s dust, there’s also a chance of “ugh” dust mites! After you’ve just washed and dried your hair that last thing you need is to get it dirty again by running a filthy hair brush through it.

Aside from transferring some grime back into your hair, a dirty hair brush can also effect your ability to style your hair. When dirt and oil accumulation on your brush transfers to your hair, your hair can get weighed down and become unmanageable. To avoid potential damage like frizz, split ends, greasy roots, or limp locks, you need to keep your hair brush healthy by washing it at least once every three months.

I Love My Hair Brush And Want It To Last, How Do I Clean It? 

Cleaning your hair brush on a regular basis is just as important as replacing it. Even if the brush isn’t damaged yet, it can still build residue from natural oils and hair styling products, especially if you often use hairspray. Too much hairspray causes build up on your brush and can cause your scalp to itch.  If you don’t clean your hair brush regularly, the dirt and oil build up will be transferred to your hair which in turn can cause damage and even worse, hair loss.

It’s usually obvious to most of us when it’s time to extract all that excess hair from our brushes, and most of us do this on a regular basis. Use this as a reminder to give your brush a good rinse too. Ridding your most popular hair styling ally of product buildup, germs, and dust, may be the key to locking up bad hair days once and for all. Take a close look at your brush, it might be time to give your brush a bath.

First remove all the hairs from your brush (you can use a comb to help do this) but be careful not to rip too hard and damage your brush bristles, you can also carefully use scissors to cut the hair out. Next, clean your brush with warm running water and a mild soap or shampoo. You can also use an old toothbrush to gently scrub off excess dirt, oil, and product residue. Avoid soaking and saturating the brush in water since this can cause the bristles to separate and eventually break off. By taking a little extra time to care for your brush, you can keep both your brush and your hair in healthy condition. If you find yourself spending extra time fussing with your hair while styling, it’s possible that your brush is trying to tell you something…”clean me”. A clean, well taken care of hair brush will perform better and promote a healthier head of hair.

I’m Ready To Replace My Hair Brush, How Do I choose A New One?

Like we said earlier in this article, when choosing a hair brush you should realize that not all brushes are created equally. Most hair care professionals recommend a hair brush made with boar or nylon bristles. Hair brushes that are made with plastic or synthetic bristles tend to be stiffer which can pull out hair and scratch the scalp. A quality brush made with boar or nylon bristles will be gentler on the scalp and will also outlast one made from plastic. While these types of brushes are more expensive than others, it is well worth the added cost, after all this is your hair we’re talking about. We only have one head of hair to last out entire lifetime, so treat it right. So next time you’re reaching into your wallet to purchase a hair brush remember, there are plenty of other areas you can be frugal with, your hair deserves the best, it’s worth every penny to keep it healthy!

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