Hair Loss Awareness 101 – Adhesives

Hair Loss Awareness 101

10. True or False?  All hair replacement systems are glued to the scalp.

False:  While there are still plenty of hair replacement factories that will gladly adhere a poorly made synthetic toupee to your head, it is NOT the only option when it comes to non-surgical hair replacement. Hair replacement technology has come a long way since the “hair club” days. We’ve all seen those late night television commercials that depict poor balding men miraculously becoming macho millionaires with flawless heads of hair instantaneously. And while there isn’t a miracle cure for male pattern baldness, there are hair replacement systems that look so natural, even an experienced hair stylist can’t spot them. Suisse Natural Hair Integration is a technique that allows men and women to add real human hair to areas where thinning has progressed. At Suisse Natural Hair Salon, natural hair integration is performed without harmful adhesives allowing the scalp to breath and remaining hair follicles to continue to grow without any obstruction. Natural hair integration works well for most types of hair loss-androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness), trichotillomania (a mental disorder causing one to pull out their own hair), medicinal hair loss such as the kind caused by chemotherapy, stress, hormones, injury, or product abuse.

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