Hair Loss Awareness 101 – Chlorine

2. True or False? Exposure to chlorine in swimming pools causes hair loss.

False: Short, occasional exposure to chlorinated water does not cause hair loss.

Prolonged saturation in chlorinated water can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, or *even green if your hair has been bleached, but it is not a known cause of thinning hair. Our scalp naturally produces oil to protect hair from damage and daily wear. Swimming in chlorinated pool water on a regular basis can strip this oil from your hair which can result in over drying, increased porosity, and in some cases significant damage. You can however prevent the damage. It is always best to saturate your hair with clean, fresh water before swimming in a chlorinated pool. This helps minimize the amount of pool water your hair can absorb. It is also recommended to use a deep conditioning treatments periodically to help maintain healthy hair if you’re an avid pool swimmer.

*It’s not actually chlorine that turns blonde hair green, it’s the oxidized copper in the water that bind to protein in the hair shaft and deposit a green color.