Hair Loss Awareness 101 – Coloring & Bleaching

8. True or False? Coloring or bleaching your hair causes hair loss.

True: There is a connection between hair dye and hair loss, however, such hair loss, in most cases, is not permanent. If you are experiencing hair loss after you have color treated your hair it is most likely due to damage to the hair shaft. Chemicals used to bleach or dye hair may cause the shaft to break off. The root portion typically grows back after the scalp heals from the chemical irritation that creates itching and redness. Your hair will be somewhat weaker and you may see extra hair in your brush or in the shower drain. To minimize the chance of such damage, use dye within three shades of your natural hair color. It is also highly recommended have your hair colored by a professional hair care expert rather than the “do-it-yourself” method out of a box purchased at a convenient store.

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