Hair Loss Awareness 101 – Perms

9. True or False? Perm chemicals can cause hair loss.

True: Chemicals in permanent solutions change the structure of your hair, and if over processed (left on to long) can cause hair loss. If you notice hair loss after having a perm, it may have been due to the rollers being wound too tight or chemical damage.

There is a common misconception that perming your hair makes hair thicker, this is because the curls offer a fuller look, but it’s not actually thicker hair. Dramatic hair styles, perming in particular can cause major damage, especially if your hair is already weak and thin. Even when performed by a skilled hair care professional, hair styling techniques that involve chemicals, heat, and tight wrapping can present some degree of unavoidable damage. Although hereditary hair loss is the most common reason for hair loss, over-styling can cause stress to the hair follicles which in turn can lead to bald patches if the chemicals and heat used for the perm burn the scalp. In this case the hair follicles may be damaged beyond repair, leaving a scar on the scalp and resulting in permanent hair loss.