Hair Loss Awareness 101 – Sun & Heat

5. True or False? Overexposure to sun and heat causes hair loss.

False: While severe sunburn on your scalp could potentially harm your hair follicles, the sun’s UV rays are not usually known to cause hair loss. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause hair to dry out and lose pigment so it is advised to deep condition your hair when planning extended beach trips. The over use of hair dryers set to high temperatures can cause hair to become brittle and also cause breakage, but again it not a known cause of hair loss. If your hair is cut extremely short, or if your hair is thinning using sunscreen on your scalp is recommended. Always pack a hat, scarf or an umbrella for those long beach days.

Blowdrying: Don’t just point the hair dryer at your head and hold it there. Keep the dryer constantly moving so not to fry your hair, and try not to pull or yank on your hair while drying. It’s best not blast the hairline with high heat and a high air setting. Use low heat and low air to brush the kinks out of your hairline. It is also recommended not to use metal brushes when blow drying. Metal brushes heat up quickly and will make the hair way too hot. Instead, use a round brush with nylon, boar or a mix of bristles.