Hair Loss Awareness 101 – Sunscreen

3. True or False? Applying sunscreento the scalp causes hair loss.

False:  Applying sunscreen to the scalp doesn’t cause hair loss.

If you have a buzzed hair cut, shaved head, or if you’re going bald, applying sunscreen to your head to prevent sunburn is an important part of your health and safety. The sun’s UV rays (ultraviolet) are dangerous to unprotected skin. Skin cancer (melanoma) is the most common type of cancer in the United States. It is highly recommended that you protect your scalp from UV rays.

• Spray-on sunscreens. There are several SPF (sun protection factor) containing products that claim to be formulated for the body and scalp. There’s also SPF products made for your bald-headed little ones too.

• Hair protectant sprays. These leave-in conditioners aim at protecting colored or damaged hair from the sun (and saltwater and chlorine, etc.). These aren’t really sunscreens but do contain oil-based or natural “UV filters.”

Powdered Sunscreen.  Mineral sunscreen with up to SPF 45 protection comes in multiple colors which helps even your skin tone, to sheer, which is simply for sun protection. Perfect to have on hand for long days in the summer sun.