Hair Loss Awareness 101 – Top 10 List

Hair Loss Awareness

Hair Loss Awareness 101 In recognition of National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we’re taking a moment to focus on the top ten truths and misconceptions regarding thinning hair, hair loss, and hair replacement. Take the quiz to see how well informed you are. Click on the questions or the photos to reveal the answers.


2. True or False? Exposure to chlorine in swimming pools causes hair loss.



3. True or False? Applying sunscreento the scalp causes hair loss.


4. True or False? Swimming in the ocean causes hair loss.


5. True or False? Overexposure to sun and heat causes hair loss.


6. True or False? Prolonged wearing of tight ponytails, pigtails, and cornrows can cause hair loss.


7. True or False?  Stress causes hair loss.


8. True or False? Coloring or bleaching your hair causes hair loss.


9. True or False? Perm chemicals cause hair loss.


10. True or False?  All hair replacement systems are glued to the scalp.


August is hair loss awareness month, but hair loss information can be found at Suisse year round! 800.675.7779