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Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Loss Solutions for Women
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Hair Loss Solutions

The staff at Suisse Natural Hair Salon understands the emotional stress of losing your hair and the impact it can have on your mental well-being. When you’re feeling self conscious about thinning hair it can have a negative impact on your professional and social life. At Suisse, we strive to revive the look of your hair and your self image.

At Suisse Natural Hair Salon, we offer women of all ages the absolute best care by providing the latest in hair restoration technologies available around the world! Suisse natural hair integration allows you the freedom to live an active lifestyle without stressing over your hair. Suisse’s “invisible attachment” technique adds hair only to the thinning areas so you can exercise, swim, wash and style your hair without any worry of detection.

Suisse natural hair integration works for well most types hair loss such as AlopeciaAlopecia areataPattern baldnessAndrogenetic alopeciaTelogen effluvium. Since 1987 Suisse has successfully helped thousands of women & men achieve a full natural head of hair. No matter what hair problem you currently face, Suisse’s expert staff can restore the volume and thickness of your hair.

If you or someone you know is suffering from thinning hair, or is undergoing a medical procedure causing hair loss, Suisse Natural Hair Salon can help. Suisse’s non-surgical hair replacement solutions are a safe, affordable alternative to hair transplant surgery, and the results are far more superior.

Suisse provides completely natural, undetectable hair replacement you can rely on. The hair you have always dreamed of can be yours. Come in and see for yourself what the power of Suisse can do. Suisse Natural Hair Salon offers the very best in custom, individualized, hair replacement methods to conceal your hair loss condition.

As New England’s leading hair loss specialists and hair replacement salon for over twenty-five years, Suisse continues to help thousands of women and men with thinning hair achieve a natural looking, full head of hair. When it comes to convenient, confidential, affordable hair replacement in the Greater Boston Area, no other hair replacement company compares to Suisse Natural Hair Salon. Our clients come from all over the US and beyond because of Suisse’s superior quality, craftsmanship and reputation.

Suisse is proud to offer the most comprehensive  hair replacement services for women & men in New England. Find out more about Suisse’s natural solutions for hair loss with a free, private consultation. You can schedule your consultation online or by calling toll free 800.675.7779

Hair Loss Solutions

Suisse Natural Hair Salon in Newton (Boston), Massachusetts, we offer the most comprehensive services in the women’s hair replacement field, including hair loss replacement, hair restoration, hair rejuvenation, hair extensions, and laser hair loss treatment therapy. Suisse Natural Hair Salon restores more than just your hair, Suisse rejuvenates your self confidence, beauty and self-esteem!

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