Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

Mario Lopez steps up to plate by becoming a spokes person for men with thinning hair.

“Thinning hair runs in my family, so it’s always been a concern of mine,” says Lopez. “A stylist I recently worked with recommended Nioxin’s daily three-part system for preventative care. Since I started the routine, my hair and scalp have never looked or felt healthier.”

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Speaking to the 78% of American men and women who are concerned with thinning, Lopez will help to dispel the myths surrounding the issue and encourage consumers to talk to their stylist and seek customizable solutions tailored just for them.

How educated are men on the topic of thinning? While Nioxin offers a comprehensive portfolio of treatments and care and styling products with guaranteed results for fuller, thicker looking hair, 59% of men surveyed are unaware of any effective solutions. Fourteen percent of men falsely believe that scalp health is unrelated to thinning and an overwhelming 75% are unaware that hair breakage leads to thinning. Throughout the year-long partnership, Lopez’s mission will be to educate and provide solutions for men on this widespread concern.