Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Hair Loss Treatments for Women near Boston, MA

When it comes to hair loss, men seem to be targeted for replacement solutions everywhere you turn. However, discussing women’s hair loss openly isn’t always as easy. It’s almost ’taboo’ to target women for hair loss treatments as baldness and thinning hair are most frequently associated with men. And although hair loss effects over twenty-million women in the US alone, it is still very much a subject most women find difficult to discuss. This is why women’s hair loss should be addressed with delicacy and privacy. If we can find a way to discuss it, only then can we take steps towards finding the right treatment to deal with it.

Suisse offers the most effective non-surgical treatments for women suffering from hair loss. These treatments are natural, performed by women, and are done so in a matter of privacy to alleviate much of the concern and embarrassment connected with women’s hair loss.

Suisse’s treatment for women’s hair loss begins with a consultation with a hair replacement specialist. During a consultation you’ll able to speak in private to go over any questions or concerns you have regarding your condition and alleviate any fears you may have about hair loss or hair replacement therapy. This consultation takes place in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere where the you can feel at ease to discuss your circumstances.

After the initial hair evaluation and consultation is completed, you’ll have some time to consider all your options. If you decide to proceed with non-surgical hair replacement, the next step is to return to the specialist for a measurement. A hair replacement “system” is a hand made hair piece specially crafted to mimic the characteristics of your original growth patters. Color, density, texture and highlights are all skillfully matched. This custom made system will then be fitted at a following appointment.

At Suisse we understand that hair loss can be a traumatic experience, this is why all of our hair care services are done in private salon suites. No one will ever know what you’re having done. You come into the salon just like everyone else to have your hair washed, dried, and styled. Your confidentiality will always remain intact.

At Suisse, our goal is to give back the confidence you started to lose when your hair began falling out. Our job is to get you back to looking and feeling like yourself again. Suisse Natural Hair Integration and Extension blends in with your existing hair for a completely natural look, while the ultra light mesh base and invisible attachment allow your scalp to breath so you can feel like you did before you lost any hair.


Hair Loss Treatments For Women

Suisse Natural Treatments For Hair Loss