Hair Replacement

At Suisse Natural Hair Salon our hair stylists can replace the hair you’ve lost with a technique called hair integration.¬†Unlike hair transplantation, hair integration is a non-surgical hair loss solution that works extremely well for both men and women who still have some hair left. It is a completely safe method of hair replacement that requires no surgery, no recovery time, no medication, and no risk. Ask anyone that’s done their research and you’ll soon find out that hair integration is a far more sophisticated procedure than any run of the mill hair replacement company can offer. Suisse Natural Hair Integration is an art. It’s the strategic¬†art of blending perfectly matched human hair with your own natural growing hair so to recreate a completely natural looking, full head of hair.

In most cases of male and female pattern baldness there remains a generous amount of hair follicles that continue to produce hair on areas of the scalp. In men, it’s usually the outer perimeter of hair that remains (often referred to as the “horseshoe”). This pattern of remaining hair is similar in women although not usually as severe. In either case, there’s almost always more than enough hair left on a person’s head for hair integration to be a hair replacement option.


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