Hair Replacement for Men

One of the last things any man wants to hear is “you’re going bald”.

Even a man with a perfect build, successful career, and beautiful wife can easily lose his self esteem as soon as his hair loss becomes noticeable. Most men will try everything under the sun to stop their hair from falling out, and when the hair tonic, drugs, and transplants don’t get the job done, many men will resort to the full on shaved head look.

And while some guys look great with the “Mr. Clean” look , it’s not always a flattering look for some fellas. So what can a man do when all else fails? NO! Don’t even consider a toupee! Although millions of men have worn them (and some still do), no man has ever gotten away with it. It doesn’t take a trained hairdresser’s eye to spot a toupee, we all know one when we see one, and it’s always awkward trying to have a conversation with someone who’s wearing one.

So guys, if you’re losing your hair and haven’t found that mysterious miracle cure yet… stop torturing yourself, it doesn’t exist. Even with all of the medical breakthroughs mankind has developed and or stumbled upon, there is still no cure for male pattern baldness.

But enough about that, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can have a full natural looking head of hair again. In order to do so, you’re going to have to man up, put aside your ego for a moment, accept reality, and start considering the possibilities of natural hair integration. Natural hair integration is a non-surgical form of hair replacement that utilizes your remaining natural hair. A hair replacement stylist will match your hair type and color with additional natural human hair that will then be blended in seamlessly with your own bio-hair. The results are incredible!

If you have any doubts, we invite you to come in for a free, private consultation. A Suisse Natural Hair Integration Specialist will show you what it’s all about, how it’s done, what it looks like, how it feels, and will answer any questions you have about hair loss, and hair replacement. Suisse has successfully helped thousands of men regain a full, natural looking head of hair, which is why Suisse Natural Hair Salon has remained New England’s leading hair replacement salon for over 25 years!


Suisse Natural Hair Integration