Hair Replacement For Women

Hair Replacement For Women?

What are hair replacement systems? What does a hair transplant involve?  What is natural hair integration? What exactly do these terms mean? For many women suffering from hair loss, these questions are the first to arise when searching for an answer to thinning hair.

The main and most significant difference between hair replacement and hair transplantation is that one requires surgery while the other involves the use of a hair replacement system. Hair replacement “system” you ask? The term “system” is used as it describes a set of things interconnecting for a common function. In this particular case the “function” of the hair is to integrate with your own to produce a full head of hair.

So what is natural hair integration? Hair integration is the act of blending hair with your own hair. The word “natural” describes the kind of hair that will be used in the production of the hair replacement system. Hair replacement systems come in all shapes, sizes, lengths and are also available in a variety of different hair qualities. A custom hair replacement system made of natural human hair is the best choice when opting for hair integration. You may find that synthetic hair replacement systems are less expensive than natural human hair, however you will also see and feel a major difference as well. For more information or to speak with a hair replacement specialist proceed to “book a consultation”.

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