Itchy Scalp from a hair system?

Itchy Scalp? Don’t worry.

If you’re experiencing an annoying itch from wearing a clip-on integration or bonded hair system don’t worry, there’s a solution to your problem, you just need to know where to look. When you experience an itchy scalp there are several things to consider in order to determine the cause. Like all things related to hair and health, the cause and cure can be unique to each individual.

Here are the most common causes of an itchy scalp and what you can do to remedy the situation. Unless you have something highly unusual going on, chances are you can get rid of your itchy scalp easily.

*Note: None of the information below, or anywhere on this site, should be considered medical advice, as it is not.

Itchy Scalp from System Movement:
Typically, itching is more of an issue with a unit that is not bonded because of the slight or moderate movement of the system on your head. For example, when clip-on integration units move around on your head throughout the day the rubbing on your skin and pulling on your biological hair can cause an itchy scalp. This is also somewhat common with those who are bonding with a hard bond adhesive (which we don’t recommend as it’s the only adhesive known to be carcinogenic). Many salons and hair clubs use this type of liquid adhesive. They use hair clippers and buzz your biological hair down as short as possible. Then they apply the adhesive to the hairpiece and then the hairpiece to your head. As your biological hair grows, the hairpiece grows off of your head with it, causing significant shifting, and therefore, itching. It’s a very annoying and uncomfortable way to wear hair, which is why Suisse does not offer this method.

Remedy: If you’re wearing a clip-on, add more clips so the unit is more secure. If you’re wearing an integration unit, you may also want to add a few clips to the underside of the base. You don’t need to clip them when your unit is attached. Just keep them closed. But as your hair grows out and your system shifts on your head, the clips can be then used to help keep it in place. If you’re bonding with a hard bond adhesive, try switching you to a tape that sticks to your scalp and not your hair.

Itchy Scalp from Shaving:
Some people get the best bond by using clippers followed by a razor and bonding to a smooth scalp surface. However, if you’re prone to razor burn or ingrown hairs, you can experience itching or skin sensitivity with hair regrowth.

Remedy: Try foregoing the razor and just use the clippers to see if the itching lets up.

Itchy Scalp from Base Type:
The type of base material you are wearing can cause minor to significant itching. If you are wearing a soft Swiss or French lace and are bonding with a soft bond glue or tape, your biological hair will technically grow through the base (no, it’s not noticeable because it’s so short) and likely you’ll hardly feel it at all. However, some laces are heavier and stiffer than others. “Welded” laces are meant to be a little more durable and hold more hair, so they are stiffer and less soft than non-welded laces. That stiffness can cause itching even though your hair grows through it and it doesn’t move on your head.

With a silk, skin or monofilament base, your hair grows under it, as opposed to through it, as with a lace base. Because your biological hair essentially is crushed under the base, the shifting of that hair can cause itching.

Remedy: Switch to a standard, non-welded Swiss or French lace.

Itchy scalp from sweat?

Because silk, skin and monofilament bases do not allow air to pass through them as freely as lace does, sweat can get trapped under the base. The trapped moisture can cause itching.

Remedy: If you’re wearing full skin, silk or monofilament and are prone to heavy or periodic perspiring, try switching your base. Either try a full lace unit so your skin can sweat through the system and your scalp can be rinsed through it as well. At least try a small top island of the base material of your choice with a perimeter of lace, so your scalp can release sweat and breathe.

Itchy Scalp from not rinsing product from hair well enough:
When you first start wearing a stystem and are not used to the heavier density sometimes you forget to rinse your hair product really well. If you are wearing lace, the product could actually build up on your scalp, just like it can on your biological hair. Product build up can cause itching.

Remedy: Rinse hair products thoroughly.

Not rinsing and cleaning products well enough:
The same idea goes for scalp cleaning products. Typically there is some sort of solvent used to remove adhesive residue from your scalp, followed by a cleaner to remove the solvent. After that, you want to exfoliate and rinse well to get rid of all the cleaning products and the dead skin.

Remedy: Rinse hair products well. Exfoliate after cleaning your scalp.

Length of bond:
Every person’s body reacts differently to adhesives. Regardless of whether you are using tape or glue, your rate of adhesive breakdown will vary from person to person as well as from adhesive to adhesive. As the adhesive breaks down and loosens and as water starts to penetrate the bond, it’s possible to start experiencing itching. This is easy to diagnose as the itching would be confined mostly to the adhesive areas.

Remedy: Shorten your bonding time by two days until the itching subsides

Allergic reaction to adhesives, cleaning products or hair products:
If you are having an allergic reaction to adhesives, cleaning products or hair products, you’ll likely have excessive itching and redness, perhaps raised bumps or even blood if you can’t keep yourself from scratching. If this is the case, consult a dermatologist and discontinue wearing your system until it heals. Follow your doctor’s protocol. After resuming wearing your system (if the doctor approves it) you’ll need to experiment with adhesives, cleaning products and hair products. The allergic reaction is not always coming from where you assume it’s coming from, so be prepared to go through a trial and error process.

Remedy: Consult a physician. Discontinue use of wearing a hair system until approved by your healthcare professional.

Healing from a previous reaction or wound:
If your scalp is healing from a previous skin reaction or wound, the healing process can cause itching.

Remedy: Consult a physician if you have a serious problem of course, otherwise, you’ll probably have to wait while the skin heals and try to keep yourself from itching! You may also want to try a light coat of Nexcare Liquid Bandage Spray (the spray, NOT the liquid paint-on version).

Dry skin:
If your skin is either naturally dry or becomes dried out from alcohol- or citrus-based cleaning products, you could experience itching.

Remedy: Consider products that don’t contain alcohol or citrus or are formulated for sensitive skin like the Pro Hair Labs line of cleaning products.

OK, last but not least, can’t leave this one out, because it happens. When you first start wearing a system and are not used to it, you’ll be very aware that the system is sitting on your head. That awareness could cause minor itching.

Remedy: This one is easy! It will subside over time as you acclimate to wearing a system. If it persists for more than a few weeks and is more than a minor itch, consult the list above.

So don’t worry, if you have itching it’s likely only caused by one or two of these issues. If you’re still stumped and need further help give us a call at 800.675.7779

*Suisse Natural Hair Salon does not use or recommend glue for hair integration and extension.