Living Well Boston

Living Well Boston

At Suisse Natural Hair Salon, they understand not all roads to beauty involve fighting age and battling extra pounds. Something as simple as how lush your hair is can seriously impact your mental well being. This is precisely why they go above and beyond to restore your head of hair when life’s situations have taken it from you. The result? You look and feel great about yourself.

Even after 25 years, owner Sarah Deutsch still looks forward to getting to the salon every morning, knowing that over the years she has changed the lives of thousands in Boston and beyond. She understands how so much anxiety can be lifted when you feel good about your appearance, and she truly enjoys seeing the transformation her clients go through after getting their hair back. Suisse focuses primarily on natural hair integration, extension, and color correction for those who would prefer not to undergo surgery for their hair loss. They offer these non-surgical treatments in a private, comforting environment. Their natural hair treatments work well for most types of hair loss—androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness), Trichotillomania (mental disorder causing one to pull out their own hair), medicinal hair loss such as caused by chemotherapy, stress-related, hormonal, injury, or product abuse.

Deutsch recommends that anyone who is suffering from hair loss, thin damaged hair, or lackluster color should schedule a free, private consultation. Suisse is offering 25% off their first integration service and up to 35% off extensions as added incentive to rejuvenate your look for the New Year. Visit


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