Natural Color Correction

Creating distinctive beauty is our goal.

Color Correction is a great place to start!

If you’re unhappy with the color of your hair, we have the perfect solution. Our high performance oxidant-free hair color correction will revive your look by bringing back your hair’s natural beauty.

Our unique new blonde highlights service only lightens the darker natural hair just enough to break up harsh contrasts, while our semi-permanent color offers effective and refreshing color refinement.

The healthier the hair the more beautiful and shiny the color result will be. We apply a deep conditioning treatment before the coloring process. Our color correction system is the first demi-permanent color with intralipid technology, which can actually repair hair damage.

Get inspired at SUISSE with our holistic color correction system that gives you unlimited possibilities. From high-performance permanent color to gentle toning, we have a color correction solution for all hair types.

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