Hair System Maintenance For Summertime


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During the dog days of summer your hair system can suffer if you’re not careful. Here we take a look at common issues men and women sometimes face with their hair systems, and what can be done to remedy or prevent these issues.

• Oxidation (color fading)

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays fade the color of the hair, turning the hair a more brassy / orange hue. This typically happens form spending extended periods of time in the hot sun. If you experience this, don’t panic, your hair system isn’t damaged, in fact your bio hair actually goes through the same process when exposed to the sun.


Actions to take that can help reduce oxidation to your hair system

• cover your hair when spending long periods of time in the sun such as a hat, scarf, or umbrella

• use color maintaining shampoos & conditioners

• use UV protection hair care products

• wear a back–up hair system during the summer months

(it’s highly recommended to always have a back-up hair system)


• Dry Hair (brittle, knots & breakage)

Swimming in chlorinated swimming pools and in the salt water of the ocean combined with the hot sun will dry your hair system out. You have to be careful, if you swim everyday your hair can become like straw, matt up, tangle and even break.

Actions to take that can help reduce drying out your hair system

• Wet your hair prior to going swimming to help keep your hair from absorbing the chlorinated or salt water

• Apply leave-in conditioner and or sealer before swimming

• Soak, apply leave-in conditioner and braid your hair before swimming to keep hair from getting tangled up

• Shampoo and condition your hair immediately after swimming

• Apply a deep conditioning / restoration treatment during your next detachment

(avoid saturating your system base with conditioner so not to loosen the hair system knots)


Loosening of the Hair System (weak bonding)

In the heat of the summer you sweat more causing your scalp to release more oils. This may cause your bond to break down faster which can loosen your hair system’s base.

Actions to take in order to help secure your base in the heat of the summer

• Try to stay cool during your attachment process in order to allow your bond to cure properly. If possible, attach your system in an air-conditioned room. Use the cool setting on your hair dryer or sit in front of a fan to cool down and dry your scalp.

• Use a 2-4 adhesive bond instead of a day to day adhesive

• Use a scalp prep treatment before bonding. (don’t over do it, a little is enough)

• Apply a light coat of scalp anti-perspirant with a paper towel to your bonding area

• Apply scalp protector before bonding


• Odor & Itching (build up & bacteria)

During the summer your body temperature rises causing more sweat and oils to accumulate under your hair system. Bacteria under your hair system can cause both an unpleasant odor and itchy scalp.

Actions to take in order to help reduce / eliminate hair system odor

• Detach and re-apply your system more frequently during the summer

• Apply a more aggressive scalp prep treatment to assure a cleaner scalp

• Use an Enzyme spray / deep cleaner spray on your scalp to eliminate bacteria, just as you would for oily skin on your face

• Deep clean your scalp with an exfoliant shampoo to remove any remaining residue

• Use cleansers and sprays with tea tree oil

• Summer Vacation Travel Tips For Maintaing Your Hair System

(packing check list for your summer vacation to help keep your hair system fresh and beautiful)

• spray bottle of water

• spray on conditioner / sealer

• a sun hat

• scarf

• beach umbrella

• ponytail scrunchie

• UV-safe leave-in conditioner

• UV-safe shampoo and conditioner

• travel sized scalp prep (wet wipes)

• extra adhesive

• exfoliating scrub

• blow dryer with a cool setting

• extra hair system (if possible)


By following these simple maintenance steps your hair system will continue to look and feel great throughout the hot summer months while you’re enjoying all of your favorite summer activities!

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