The Best Hair Replacement

The Best Hair Replacement

Choosing the right hair replacement specialist is no doubt one of the most difficult tasks for any one dealing with hair loss. With thousands of hair “restoration” and transplant centers exploding all over the internet it’s becoming more and more confusing to track down a truly knowledgeable and reputable hair loss treatment provider.

The following information will hopefully provide you with good leads as to how to go about choosing the right hair replacement specialist for your specific needs.

Before and during contact with your prospective hair replacement specialist, you need to look for signs and signals that the treatment specialist is in fact capable of providing you with quality results – a natural looking head of hair. Unfortunately there are a number of  clinics, clubs, and salons that do not provide the top quality work necessary to achieve a natural looking head of hair. Before you schedule a consultation with a hair loss treatment provider there are some questions to ask yourself privately that will reduce the risk of ending up with results you’ll be dissatisfied with.

When trying to find the best hair replacement treatment and specialist, there’s a few questions to consider when choosing:

How did you find out about the provider? In the yellow pages or by personal recommendation? A personal recommendation by someone who is a current client of the specialist?  If you don’t have a friend or colleague who can give you a recommendation, it’s okay to start with an advertisement or even the yellow pages, but you need to do more footwork to find out whether the provider and treatment is right for you.

• How long has the hair loss specialist been in business? Read into the history of the business. A reputable company should have information readily and easily available. If they’ve been around for many years, it suggests they must have a regular stream of (presumably satisfied) customers to stay in business.

• What reputation does the hair loss specialist have?  With the availability of powerful search engines on the internet, it is fairly easy to find out opinions people have of the provider.  Just type in their name and see what comes up. Reading reviews, and testimonies is always a good way to get a feel for the providers integrity.

• What reputation does the hair loss specialist have in the business and legal arena? You could check with the better business bureau or equivalent in your area to check for any lawsuits brought against them. Often this can be done online. Contact your state medical board to see if any complaints have been filed against the provider you may be considering.

• What qualifications does the hair loss specialist have? Is he/she a member of any professional organizations specifically catering to the hair loss treatment profession? Membership or sponsors of these organizations dedicated to hair loss awareness and treatments is not a guarantee that the specialist is good, but it can however show a certain level of dedication they have to the practice.

• During contact with the hair loss specialist, what is your general impression? Are they in their own physical location or is it run from the back office of a general practice? Many hair clubs, and clinics are in standalone buildings, others may be attached to larger dermatology clinics, each of which is valid. But some “clinics” are run by renting time in an hourly rented office not even associated with a real hair care establishment. These small operations with a limited or no permanent location give cause for concern. They are harder to monitor and more difficult to contact if things go wrong. Again, it is always a good idea to investigate a providers history. Do the business listings for the hair care provider show longevity in a community? Have they been at the same address for five years or more?

• What is your impression of the hair loss specialist during the consultation? Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about? Do they examine you hair and ask questions about your experiences wit hair loss? Do they ask you about your goals and expectations? Do they show pictures of their work? Do they explain the procedure, the risks and benefits, and of course the cost? The consultation process is a major step towards making your final decision, pay very close attention to the details. Is the facility and staff clean and professional?

• Most important, do they make you feel comfortable? Do you feel some personal compatibility with the hair loss specialist? You will be sharing a relatively intimate, albeit professional relationship with this individual over an extended period of time if you choose them as your hair care provider. You need to feel comfortable with who you are dealing with. For many of us seeking hair replacement, confidentiality are very important, does the hair loss specialist provide this kind of security?

• How pressured do you feel to sign up? If you feel unduly pressured it is better to walk away. Give yourself time to think about it. You can always sign up later or find a different provider. Clinics and clubs that push hard to get you to sign up may be losing sight of their professional conduct requirements – to put the patient before profit. A hair loss specialist that truly understands the emotional struggle brought on by this situation will never pressure anyone to go ahead with hair replacement treatment. In fact the best hair replacement specialists will tell you to “take your time, think about all the options and only move forward if you feel that this is the right choice for you”.

• Who will actually conduct the procedure? If it’s not necessarily going to be the specialist who conducted your consultation, will you have an opportunity to meet the specialist  before you schedule to have treatment? If not, and the specialist who conducted the consultation is not going to be present during the procedure this may be cause for concern.

• Is the hair loss specialist’s practice dedicated solely to hair loss treatments? If not, what percentage of his/her practice is? How many treatments does the specialist conduct in a week/month/year? If the practice is busy, it’s another indicator that the specialist has extensive experience in treatments for hair loss.

The Best Hair Replacement in New England?

Thanks for reading, and we hope you found the information to be useful in your search for the best hair replacement specialist. For those of you in the Boston area, here’s a list of hair loss specialists.

After you’ve had a chance to research all the specialists and treatments available, you’ll probably be ready to call SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON, the best hair replacement specialists in New England!