Women’s Hair Loss Solution

women's hair loss solution








Non-Surgical Solution For Women’s Hair Loss

You’re not alone. One in four women is experiencing stress due to thinning hair and hair loss. Female pattern baldness typically appears as thinning (or diffusion) in the crown behind the hairline and becomes more pronounced with age. Since 1987, Suisse Natural Hair Salon has helped thousands of women achieve and maintain a full head of hair with our natural hair integration process. Suisse’s non-surgical hair replacement technique is designed for women who are experiencing thinning hair, extreme breakage and/or excessive shedding.


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The hair replacement experts at Suisse Natural Hair Salon are dedicated to meeting the needs of women in the Greater Boston Area and all of New England who are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair and damaged hair. Through our consultation program we help women understand the cause of their hair loss and how natural hair replacement works to restore their hair back to the way it used to be before it started thinning. Suisse offers the most natural looking and feeling hair replacement options and products money can buy. All of our advanced hair replacement solutions are custom designed to meet the individual needs of each of our female clients.


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Over the past thirty years there have been many advancements in non-surgical hair restoration technology. Today, women who are suffering with thinning hair can easily add to the thinning areas with natural hair integration. Suisse’s natural hair integration technique produces an undetectable result that looks and feels like a natural growing head of hair. Suisse also offers a wide selection of services, treatments, and hair care products for all types hair loss, whether it be moderate or severe. Learn more about Suisse’s hair loss solution for women in the following links.

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• Natural Color Correction

• Hair Care Products

The hair replacement experts at Suisse understand the stress women experience with thinning hair and hair loss which is why all our services are provided in private salon suites. Our hair replacement stylists listen to your hair loss concerns and work with you to achieve the look you desire. Our trained hair replacement stylists combine decades of technical expertise and hair design artistry to create a completely natural looking head of hair that is virtually undetectable.

Visit our before and after photo gallery to see how Suisse’s natural hair integration technique process a completely natural look for women with thinning hair and hair loss.


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women's hair loss solution

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Losing your hair can be an emotion roller coaster. Choosing a hair replacement option can also be overwhelming. At Suisse, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about hair loss and hair replacement as well as provide additional information about specific hair loss products and services. If you’re a woman suffering with hair loss, thinning hair or damaged hair, we invite you to visit Suisse Natural Hair Salon.

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