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Hair Loss Solutions For Women 

Coping with Hair Loss

Women’s Health Boston Features Suisse Natural Hair Salon

Dealing With Hair Loss

If a screening detects cancer, a patient is likely to endure poking, prodding, sterile hospital settings, and possibly radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery. Even for those who handle cancer treatment well, one of the most difficult stages of the process can be the loss of hair.

Sarah Deutsch, owner of Suisse Natural Hair Salon in Newton, has seen it over and over. “For the cancer patient, it’s one of the most painful parts,” she says.

Sometimes patients meet with Deutsch before they lose their hair, so she will know what it should look like when she restores it. By using her own hair integration technique and sometimes extensions, she takes what’s left of a patient’s hair to create a full, natural-looking head. Deutsch does make wigs, but says most people don’t need them. “Very few people lose all their hair,” she says.

Deutsch is a perfectionist; she isn’t satisfied until her clients walk out with a natural-looking, gorgeous mane. “They get up in the morning and wash their hair. It’s part of them,” she says. “It’s absolutely part of them.”

Clients come to Suisse Natural Hair Salon from all over the Boston area, but also from as far as Hawaii, California, Nova Scotia, and Switzerland. Some have been coming regularly for more than two decades. The shop looks like a regular salon and offers regular salon services, so there’s no anxiety associated with entering a wig shop. That puts the client at ease, which is especially important for a cancer patient who already has enough to handle.

One Suisse client shared her experience: “I first met Sarah over ten years ago when I was battling cancer, and she did an amazing job of helping me maintain a sense of beauty and dignity throughout the grueling treatment. Afterwards, my mane never fully retained its original glory, and Sarah has kindly and patiently worked with me since that time to help me maintain my self-confidence and sense of self.”


Women's Health Article

Feel Good, Look Good Article features Suisse Natural Hair Salon

Reflecting A Positive Image

For many women, beautiful hair is their crowning glory. That’s especially so for those coping with illness, when self-image can play a major role in the recovery process. Hair replacement specialist Sarah Deutsch, owner of Suisse Natural Hair Salon, has witnessed proof of this countless time over the last 25 years. “I can actually see clients’ outlooks changing as they look in the mirror, and that comes from the inside,” says Deutsch.

Sarah’s natural hair integration technique works well for all types of hair loss, whether it’s caused by chemotherapy treatment, thyroid disorder, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, or hormonal imbalance. In fact, a visit to Suisse before you begin losing hair will assure that when you do, Sarah will be able to restore it before anyone even notices that it’s thinning. “With everything you have to go through to conquer an illness, the last thing you want is surgery to restore your hair,” Deutsch says. Suisse Natural Hair Salon provides safe, non-surgical treatments for hair loss. Since opening in 1987, Sarah has helped thousands of people from New England and beyond get back what they’ve lost, and her results show both inside and out. For more information visit


Women's Wellness

Suisse Natural Hair Salon is featured in the fall issue of Wellesley Weston Magazine.

Wellesley Weston Magazine 

Since 1987, Suisse of New England has pioneered the art of hair replacement and aesthetic skin care. During their 25th Anniversary Celebration, all new Wellesley and Weston clients who visit Suisse Natural Hair Salon and Boston Beauty MedSpa will be eligible to receive up to twenty-five percent off of their services. Book your complimentary skin evaluation or hair consultation to find out more about their holistic approach to beauty and wellness.  Call 800.675.7779 or visit and 

Suisse Natural Hair Salon | Women’s Health Article

Another salon is known for its effective approach to serious hair problems, such as thinning hair or female balding. Suisse Natural Hair Salon in Newton tackles much more than your average bad hair day. Many women lose hair from genetic tendencies, chemical damages, chemotherapy, or a variety of medical issues. In a technique known as hair integration, Suisse Natural Hair Salon customizes human hair to each client’s style, texture, and color, then blends it into the natural hair. Those who just want to add length and body seek Suisse’s expertise with hair extensions. Whether extensions or more complete hair integration, the process is gradual so the only thing anyone notices is that your hair looks fabulous.

Newton Patch Reders Choice Award 2012

Suisse Natural Hair Salon voted Best Salon in the 2012 Newton Patch Readers’ Choice Awards.



Suisse Natural Hair Salon | Newton Patch Readers’ Choice Award 2012

Suisse Natural Hair Salon is one of Newton’s best kept secrets. Located at 31 Channing Street in Newton Corner, Suisse opened its doors to the public in 1987 and has since earned a reputation for excellence over the past 25 years. When it comes to achieving and maintaining a beautifully healthy head of hair, Suisse Natural Hair Salon is tops! Providing full service hair care for both women and men in private suites is only part of what makes a visit to Suisse such a unique experience. Ever wonder how celebrities always seem to have the most amazing hair? Suisse knows the secrets and Suisse has the solutions to end your bad hair days once and for all. For the hair you have always dreamed of, it has to be Suisse. 617-244-9414 | 800-675-7779 | |


Living Well  – Hair Rejuvenation
At Suisse Natural Hair Salon, they understand that not all roads to beauty involve fighting age and battling extra pounds. Something as simple as how lush your hair is can seriously impact your mental well-being. This is precisely why they go above and beyond to restore your head of hair when life’s situations have taken it from you. The result? You look and feel great about yourself.
Even after twenty-five years, Suisse Natural hair Salon owner Sarah Deutsch still looks forward to getting to the salon every morning, knowing that over the years she has changed the lives of thousands on men and women in Boston and beyond. She understands how much so much anxiety can be lifted when you feel good about your appearance, and she truly enjoys seeing the transformation her clients go through after getting their hair back. Suisse Natural Hair Salon focuses primarily on natural hair integration, hair extension, and hair color correction for those who would prefer not to undergo cosmetic surgery for their hair loss.
Suisse Natural Hair Salon offers non-surgical treatments for hair loss in a private, comforting environment. Their natural hair replacement treatments work well for most types of hair loss-androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness), trichotillomania (a mental disorder causing one to pull out their own hair), medicinal hair loss such as the kind caused by chemotherapy, stress, hormones, injury, or product abuse.
Deutsch recommends that anyone who is suffering from hair loss, thin, damaged hair, or lackluster color should schedule a free, private consultation at Suisse Natural Hair Salon. Mention this article when you schedule your appointment and you’ll be eligible to receive 25% Off your first hair integration service and up to 35% Off hair extension as added incentive to rejuvenate your look for the New Year.